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This bank account offers you anonymity!

Thanks to the combination of a regular bank account and a “Swiss-like” account under number.

Give this combination to business associates, family members or employers and your anonymity is guaranteed. This anonymous bank account is legit for people and companies with an address in the European Union and gives you therefor an Iban and BIC number. One can ask: how anonymous is your account nowadays since banks are watched by electronic spies and other ingenious detection methods?

The best part around this product is that your money is protected because it is an officially recognized product at a European bank. So how can it be anonymous? How does it Work? As stated above, you get, as always from a bank, an account-number, still there is nothing anonymous here. In this case, you share the account-number with many other customers of the bank. you will be given a customer number to find out which part of your capital is part of this collective account. This number is stated on your Goldcard.

When you expect a payment and you do not want your name to appear, you only give the person who is transferring money to you the account number and your customer number, so your name will never be mentioned in the accounts of the other person. Usually the information on your Goldcard, which is issued at the opening of your account, fully corresponds to what is in your credentials at a normal bank. In the case of this bank, you can decide for yourself what is on the card. This is also easy for companies, which provide their employees with a card for costs to be incurred on the road. My personal card says “Piet Snot” as the name, so who will know it was me, who fuelled up the rental?

It is with this information I hope you now understand the great opportunities to be gained with this bank account? I, myself, would need more information, so here we go:

In which country can you use this offer?